so the moving is a practice?

i made a new subdomain today. i made 2 third-level domains and one second-level domain: daily.afternoon, in.motion, and i couldn't think of another so i named this one car

each, self-contained

and like being in a world, you can forget about the world

so the domain is in.motion and the dots are also in.motion

and also the rule is in motion. i don't have a reason for that.

but also i wanted to say that the dot is a separation or a breath. so there's something there. like an entire practice/phrase just focused on the dot. because once you notice the dots you can't unnotice them. but also it's a moment to remember. a relationship of sorts. like the dot is a representation of the speaker and the listener.

last year i wanted to make "the people's dot." a magazine to talk about the dot. there's also something religious about the dot, and what does it even mean to be a sub of a sub of a sub?

so this page will grow depending on other things. or it can become many. i think that's the thing about creating a new container. i always need another container. and subs allow for that.